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  • Life is a Miracle - Summer 2023

    Life is a Miracle
    200 million years ago, turtles mingled with the dinosaurs. With their protective shields and navigational abilities, they have stood the test of time and change. From their inception on a sandy shore, the turtle hatches from an egg, and then begins a dangerous journey towards the ocean. Not everyone will make it. But those who do always come back to the same beach where their life started to lay their own eggs. Such is the miracle and circle of life. The turtle is the master of its own destiny and must seek its own happiness. Once it reaches the water, it starts growing and takes on its majestic form. With graceful strokes, these gentle giants glide through our oceans for decades and centuries. Some travel up to 15.000 km every year. Life is a Miracle - Serenity will be launching on May 19, 2023. 
  • Retirement List 2023

    Here is a quick list of the 2023 Retired Trollbeads products. 

    Click this link for the PDF

  • Limited Edition Twinkle Collection 2022

    We’ve all heard the infamous quote by Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl's best friend”. That quote clearly stands the test of time. A girl can never have too many Diamonds and Trollbeads is here to add to your collection. Welcome the New Limited Edition, Twinkle Collection.

    Trollbeads Limited Edition Twinkle Collection

  • Retired List 2022

    Over 100 Beads are on their way out! A list of beads has been provided below for your convenience. If you have been waiting to purchase certain beads, the time to act is now! You can shop for these products not only on our website, but at our locations. Stop by Blooming Boutique in Lewes or to our two Trollbeads Brand Stores, Trollbeads South Hills Village Mall and Quakerbridge Mall.

           Trollbeads Retired Bracelet

  • Trollbeads Day 2022

    One of the best days of the year is almost here; Trollbeads Day. On June 11th, a new kit, Troll Agate, will be released.  The Limited Edition Collection varies in color; you’ll find some lean on the floral shade range of soft pink and deep plum whereas others side with a more autumnal look with saffron yellows and auburn. If you are fortunate enough, you may even find some indigos and greens.

    Trollbeads Day 2022 Troll Agate

  • Flower Garden Spring 2022 Collection

    Flower Garden Spring Collection coming January 21st, 2022. Welcome to the Spring 2022 Collection, Flower Garden. In this massive launch, you’l...
  • Trollbeads Day, Saturday June 15th at Blooming Boutique

    Blooming Boutique will be celebrating Trollbeads Day on Saturday, June 15.  In honor of the day, Trollbeads will be releasing its newest set of beads, called the Brush of Blue kit, the first porcelain Trollbeads.  The kit consists of 6 white beads with cobalt blue designs brushed on them featuring fish, bamboo, flowers, and more.   These delicate beauties are Asian inspired and are a must-have for any collector!

  • Trollbeads at the Beach Waters Bead Announcement

    Watch our video about the 11th Trollbeads at the Beach Festival on October 12-14 in Lewes Delaware!!  For full details on this great event, visit www.TrollbeadsAtTheBeach.com

    Blooming Boutique exclusive Trollbead

  • October Trollbeads at the Beach Festival!

    Blooming Boutique in Lewes is hosting the 11th TROLLBEADS AT THE BEACH Festival in Lewes, Delaware on October 12-14.  The festival begins at the Lewes Blooming Boutique store on Friday morning at 9am.  Event specials start including buy 3 get 1 free on beads and exclusive gift with purchase promotions available on Friday only.  Trollbeads specials and promotions will run throughout the day and can be counted towards special offers available on Saturday. 

  • Cerulean Jewelry Box Review

    Trollbeads Cerulean Jewelry Box

    Trollbeads newest collectible jewelry box for the Summer of 2018 is the double layer "Cerulean Jewelry Box".  This adorable little box is the perfect little travel companion for your next trip.  The box would also be cute sitting with your favorite new design on your night stand. 

  • Blooming Boutique Hosting the Tenth Trollbeads at the Beach Event! A 3 Day Festival to Celebrate Everything Trollbeads!

    Blooming Boutique in Lewes is hosting the Tenth TROLLBEADS AT THE BEACH Festival in Lewes, Delaware on April 6-8. The main attraction of the event will be the Trollbeads, including a special shipment from Denmark of one-of-a-kind glass and amber unique beads, with more than 15,000 on hand!  There will also be a massive selection of retired and limited edition Trollbeads available on Saturday only. 

  • Trollbeads 2016 Uplifting Collection

    Trollbeads Uplifting Collection
    Trollbeads’ Spring 2016 collection titled “Uplifting” will be available on January 22nd at Blooming Boutique stores, one of the USA’s largest Trollbeads retailers!  The collection features 11 stunning glass beads, a set of six pastel beads, two faceted glitter beads, and three diamond beads featuring colored cubic zirconia.