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Flower Garden Spring 2022 Collection

Flower Garden Spring Collection coming January 21st, 2022.
Welcome to the Spring 2022 Collection, Flower Garden. In this massive launch, you’ll notice three major motifs - cats, flowers, and butterflies. If you remember the Cat Pendants from our 2021 Artisan Festivals, you know how popular they were. Trollbeads heard our (cat) calls and will be debuting three separate Cat pieces - a lock, a bead, and a ring. There is also a huge emphasis on silver this Spring especially with clasps. You will find 4 decorative locks in this Collection, which is more than we typically see. You’ll also notice the continuance of the “Framed By” pieces, making the release of “Framed by Buds” and "Framed by Flower" the newest additions. (Framed By Collection – Blooming Boutique Beads)
In past Spring Collections, Trollbeads focused heavily on vernal colors. This year for the glass portion of this launch, you’ll see them go a more vibrant route. We are pleased to see the continuation of the Faceted Glass Beads. With each launch, the detail and glitter of each bead gets better and better. By getting an early look into this Collection, we can already match up beads that will complement each other. The new faceted “Peace of Mind” and “Stylish Flowers” will look beautiful next to the “Ornate of Green”, which just released in Winter of 2021. We are also very excited to see two new Stones added to the Collection (you can never have too many if you ask us), Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz and Garnet Feldspar. We believe the Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz will be a top selling Stone. At first glance, we know it’ll fit right in with the gorgeous Golden Rutilated Quartz. If we want to go away from a translucent design, we may pair it with a Moss Agate. Finding the pairings to our beads is what makes Trollbeads so unique; it’s a never-ending hunt and the story can always be re-written. Which of the new beads are your favorite?
Hidden Beauty Clasp ($83) - Wish for something special and take the chance to get it.
Spiritual Butterfly Clasp ($83) - When you see a butterfly, know that angels are near.
Butterfly Clasp ($72) - Embrace change and trust your journey.
Beloved Cat Clasp ($72) - "What greater gift than the love of a cat." - Charles Dickens
Framed by Buds ($39) - Inside a bud a flower’s petals lie in wait, ready to burst into joyful colours.
Cicada Melody Bead ($39) - Listen carefully and hear the cicadas sing sweet melodies of love.
Caring Leaves ($50) - Care, protect, and await new life to bloom.
Cheerful Cat Bead ($50) - Let me leave a paw print in your heart.
Petals Unfold Bead ($61) - Embrace love, light and beauty.
Butterfly Spacer ($50) - See them dance.
Serene Beauty ($94) - “The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.” - Grace Kelly
Framed by Flower ($94) - Frame changes in life to harvest beauty.
Butterfly Pendant ($94) - When a butterfly lands on you, it is a message to awaken your spiritual gifts.
Cat at Ease Ring ($127) - If cats could talk ... they wouldn't.
Peace of Mind ($50) - Lean back, feel the sun caress your face and enjoy a moment of silence.
Seeds of Joy ($50) - All the flowers of tomorrow comes from the seeds of today.
Garden Path ($50) - What lies at the end of the secret paths in the flower garden?
Tiger Lily ($50) - Be amazed.
Serenity ($50) - Be present, stay calm and feel inner peace.
Happy Climber ($50) - Every garden should have a flowering vine.
Blossom Orange ($61) - If you could capture the sun, the result would be luminous orange flowers.
Stylish Flowers ($61) - “Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” - Gerard De Nerval
Green in Bloom ($61) - Choose green flowers for wellness and a promise of good fortune.
Sun & Soil ($61) - Bright rays of sun is kissing the soil and makes beauty start to grow.
Flower Bed ($61) - In the morning dew, the flower bed awakes refreshed.
Fantasy Orchids ($61) - Choose fresh coral for happiness and joy.
Peaceful Garden Kit ($250) - Let your garden be a place of peace and serenity.
Flower Garden Kit ($305) - Live with grace in your heart and flowers in your garden.
Garnet Feldspar ($72) - Garnet Feldspar is for the power of positive thinking. Feldspar increases self esteem and awareness, and garnet is known to drive away negativity.
Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz ($72) - Prehnite brings protection and helps to be prepared. In the past, prehnite was known as a stone of magic and is said to aid spirit communication.




  • I see several temptations in my future. 🥰

  • Oh yes! So disappointed when TB retired most of the cat beads. Ĺove the cats and butterflies. Don’t usually go for the rings but will make an exception this time.

    Jane Snape
  • Wow! What is the release date?

  • Prehnite! I will need to see live photos of that and the Spiritual Butterfly clasp with prehnite.

    LindaJo Mitchell
  • Can’t wait this collection looks amazing

    Donna Hoffman

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