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Cerulean Jewelry Box Review

Trollbeads newest collectible jewelry box for the Summer of 2018 is the double layer "Cerulean Jewelry Box".  This adorable little box is the perfect little travel companion for your next trip.  The box would also be cute sitting with your favorite new design on your night stand. 

The box features two layers.  The bottom layer has two sections, one of which is a larger compartment which is the perfect size for a completed bracelet.  Next to the bracelet compartment is a ring holder which can easily accommodate 6 rings. 

Trollbeads Cerulean Jewelry Box

One thing I will note is that if the rings are tall, they will need to be pushed to the side for the box to be zippered shut.  Furthermore, if you plan on travelling with the case with a completed bracelet, you may want to put a polishing cloth on top of the bracelet to keep it from interfering with the mirror.

The second section houses two rods for storing loose beads.  I would estimate that depending on the size of the beads that 8-12 beads could be store on each rod.  This is especially great for those who are fond of wearing bangles which only need a few beads for a completed look.  With the space provided, you could store ~3-4 bangle designs if you do about 5-6 beads in your designs.    

All-in-all we love this new little case!

Click here to find the jewelry box on our website.   

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