Fantasy Necklace Tutorials

Do you love the way Fantasy necklaces look, but are intimidated by the complexity of the piece? Let us help guide you on to becoming a pro on using the fantasy necklace!  

We've put together some videos with some design and technique tutorials! 



The Fantasy necklace can be worn in a number of ways - using designed splitters (and regular beads from the line as splitters), pendants, and stoppers .  We'll step through how to use each one of these options providing you an endless number of combinations on how to wear your Fantasy necklace. 

Using Splitters, Beads with 3 holes

Let us help guide you on to becoming a pro on using the fantasy necklace!  Trollbeads has multiple 3 hole beads which are "designed-splitters" including Crystal Triangles, Baby Dragon, Rose, Cherry Blossom, Climbing Hydrangea, Fantasy Butterfly, and Elderflower Pendant.

Additionally, many beads from the Trollbeads line can function as splitters as well. These beads are: Endless, 2+2, Origami, Strawberries, Frames, Heaven's Garden, and Zuchini Flower. 

We'll go into how to use these specific beads in more later. The first thing to remember is that all 3 hole beads are the same in how you use them, even though some may look more intimidating than others. ​

We’ll start with the rose pendant. Watch the Video below and view the step-by-step tutorial below for instructions.  Video Courtesy of Trollbeads


Step 1: Insert desired amount of beads straight onto both ends of the necklace

Step 2: Grab the necklace where the arrows indicate in the picture above and pull so that the necklace lays flat with two ends coming out of the top bead.

Result: The necklace should be split into two sections and laid on a flat surface for easy manipulation.

Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace

Step 3: Take the Rose pendant and feed one end of the necklace into the bottom hole and then through one of the top holes.
Step 4: Take the opposite side of the necklace and feed through the bottom hole and the second top hole (not the one used in step 3).
Final Result! Attach your clasp to both ends and your necklace is complete!