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Limited Edition Twinkle Collection 2022

We’ve all heard the infamous quote by Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl's best friend”. That quote clearly stands the test of time. A girl can never have too many Diamonds and Trollbeads is here to add to your collection. Welcome the New Limited Edition, Twinkle Collection.

For those of you who have an existing Collection of Diamond Beads, get ready to add more to your stash starting on July 29th. We’ve seen the fusion of two colors with the Shades of Sparkle Collection. It’s exciting to see the continuation of that theme with this newer launch. You’ll see this set of beads is very bright in color except for maybe two. The Twinkle Hope and the Twinkle Nature will lend nicely to a more subdued, natural look whereas the other 4 could be placed on a more vibrant focused design. We can also see the Twinkle Collection pairing beautifully with recent launches. The Twinkle Passion could be exactly what you were looking for to pair with the Queen of Duty or that dark purple Troll Agate you just received in the mail. 

Trollbeads Limited Edition Twinkle Collection

Trollbeads Country Diamond Beads

(Photo by @trollbeadshyun) 

 If you are Collector of the International Diamond Beads, these will be a beautiful addition. Automatically, we can see the New Zealand Kiwi working well with the Twinkle Nature and potentially the Twinkle Hazel. The Twinkle Peace could be placed on an ombre design with the Russian Siberian Frost and the Blue Diamond Bead. Another contender for the Twinkle Peace is the Nordic Twilight Diamond Bead. We’re most excited about the Malaysia Diamond Bead and the Twinkle Hope as we think they’ll be a great fit for each other. Truly, the combinations and designs will be endless once this Collection Launches. Are you excited?

Trollbeads International Diamond Beads(Photo by Claudine Swan) 

Trollbeads Limited Edition Twinkle Collection

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