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Trollbeads Virtual Festival

Trollbeads at The Beach Virtual Festival! 

Please note. We are only shipping to USA and Canada per Trollbeads guidelines. If you place an order from outside these locations it will be cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we cannot make exceptions. 

March 31 - April 3, 2022

Make sure to check out the bead parties launching starting at 9 am on Friday and will continue through Sunday.  Antique Jewelry and some other surprises will be posted on Thursday.  On Sunday after the last private appointment, all remaining special product will be posted to the website for any attendee to purchase with no purchasing restrictions.   

Zoom Links for the Weekend: 

Thursday Night Zoom Information (6:00PM)

Friday Welcome Zoom Call (8:15AM)

Friday Glass Bead Making with Morgan Zoom Information (2PM)

Friday Night Happy Hour Zoom Information (7:15PM) 

Saturday Welcome Zoom Call (8:45AM)

Saturday Open Chat Forum (2PM)

Saturday Night Happy Hour Zoom Information (6:45PM)

Sunday Goodbye Zoom Information (8:45AM)

"Win to Buy" Contest

For every $20 spent during the festival, you will be entered to win to purchase the some special products (and a couple surprises!).  The winners for each item will be announced on the Zoom Happy Hour Shows & on Monday after the event.  

Bidding Auctions

A few special items will be auctioned during the event through the website.  If you want to bid anonymously make sure to check "Hide Identity from Bidders" on the Auction page. You must be logged in to place a bid.  Links for the auctions are below, they will become available as the auction starts.  


Thursday - Friday Auctions: Cat Pendant & Trollstone

*Friday's auction ends at 6:00PM

Friday - Saturday Auctions: Chinese Jade & Butterfly Pendant 

*Saturday's auction ends at 6:00PM

Saturday - Sunday Auctions: Kati Thanda Bead & Bunny Unique

*Sunday's auction ends at 6:00PM

Specials Overview (Starts Thursday night at midnight)

  • Buy 3 Get 1 free on all beads, pendants and spacers

    • Excluding Spring 2022, Winter 2021 Collection, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Special Armadillo Collection, carved amber, and special product (pendants, faceted uniques, mini-barrels, jumbo stones, event bead, specified uniques etc). 

Other Specials

Jumbo unique beads, antique jewelry, carved amber, and universal uniques not normally available will be available online for just a few days!  

Please allow a extra days for shipping :) 

Design Contest

Submit your designs to win one of 3 $20 Gift Certificates.  Click the link below to learn more.

Click Here

Event Videos