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About X by Trollbeads

X by Trollbeads is the newest Trollbeads line, which was introduced by Trollbeads in 2013.  The line has a very urban feel and uses a number of materials to construct the links including rubber, sterling silver, bronze, and gold.  It is very easy to see similarities to the traditional Trollbeads style in this line, yet the larger design and interconnecting nature of the links give the line a distinctively different feel.  Similar to Trollbeads, X provides collectors with a way to express themselves to the outside world through their jewelry.  

Check out the video below to see Isabel Aagaard introducing and describing the X by Trollbeads line.

 As seen in the video, pieces made from the X links can be both feminine as well as masculine in the way they are constructed.  Additionally, the quantity of links in the line provide a great deal of diversity to the creations that can be created.     

It is clear that the designers had a ton of fun designing this line.  Check out the videos below to see how each of the ten designers feel about the X by Trollbeads line and learn about their unique design processes and techniques.